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Thank you for your interest in setting up your own Free Vegan Cookout! It is a simple, easy and effective way to spread the vegan message. All we do is cook, bake or prepare some delicious vegan food and then give it out to the public. This opens up a positive conversation about why people should go vegan without putting people on the defensive. The word companion is formed of the Latin 'com' meaning 'with' and 'panis' meaning 'bread', quite literally a companion is someone you share bread with. This is central to The Free Vegan Cookout, we share food with people as friends! 
What You Need 

Fold-out table

Camping Cooker


Free Vegan Cookout Banner


Some Enthusiastic Volunteers

Good Food Hygiene Standards

Reusable bowls

We will provide you with all the leaflets you need and your very own hand-drawn banner. Dependent on funding we may also be able to help you purchase a table, cooker and reusable bowls. If you can provide your own then please do! We will not fund the food that you give out, but you can use a donations jar to cover any expenses. Please note that a food hygiene certificate is not a legal requirement, so you will not need one to put on the event, but always take care to ensure food is handled in a safe and hygienic manner.  
The Event 
Once you have got everything you need to set up and are ready to go, choose a date when you would like to host the event. We will post the event on our Facebook page and help to promote it to make sure plenty of people come! Where you choose to put your event on is entirely up to you, but be sure it is somewhere with plenty of space and a good bit of footfall. Make sure that the table looks presentable, we have found using jars of lentils, chickpeas etc. and having a bowl of fruit can really brighten up the look of the event. Always be respectful of the public and be non-judgemental, most of us grew up eating animal products and it does not help to convince people to go vegan if we are seen to be judging. Once the food is on the go the conversations usually start flowing of their own accord! Please take as many pictures of the event and video if possible and send them through to our page. This is really important for the Facebook and Instagram as it helps us reach far more people than we can through just the events. It's also just great to see how the events go! 
Hope this answers all your questions, but if not don't hesitate to ask us. If you require any further support we will always do our best to help out! Other than that, thank you very much for deciding to host your own Free Vegan Cookout. We couldn't do what we do without volunteers like you. Together we can make a vegan world. 

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