By following these guidelines, you make sure that your event has the most impact that it can and helps us work together to achieve our shared goal of a vegan world.



















Before The Event



Use your FVC Facebook group to organise events, chat about new ideas, share recipes,organise socials, and get to know your fellow volunteers.

Make an introductory post on the FB group and ask volunteers to introduce themselves.


Organise using the FVC group rather than private messaging so new members can see.

Use a poll to decide the date of events. You will need 2-3 people available. 

Send the event details to group organiser, Michael Machin.


Share the event in your local vegan group, volunteer group and to people interested. 

DO NOT contact the council about your event.Their criteria are unnecessarily complex. We have never had any legal issues with doing this. Be assured that in the highly unlikely event of repercussions we will take full responsibility. 

Increasing Your Volunteer Base

Keep the events regular and plan them in advance.

Try to organise a social before or after your event to create community.


Take a photo of the team and set it as the group cover photo. 

Make a poster for recruitment in local veggie restaurants or shops. Ask and we can send you a template!

Get in contact with local vegan societies and let them know what is happening.


We will send you: 

Resource Cards We will provide your first 100 cards and after that we can sell new ones at cost. We can change or translate the content based on your location. 

FVC Banner 

3 Aprons

Recipe Folder
 Print recipes used on the stall for the public to take pictures of.

Including postage these cost us around £60,if you would like to help us cover these costs please donate

To run a simple cold food stall you will need:

Heavy Table, or, Light Table. Both are good, but only use the heavy table if you have a car.

Donations Pot We recommend a glass jar with a'Donations Welcome :)'note on and placed at the front of the stall with change already in. We do not fund ongoing costs, but donations usually cover them.

To run a hot food stall you may also need:

Dual Gas Burner Sometimes it is cheaper to get single burners rather than double burners, make sure to read the reviews as some of the cheaper burners are prone to breaking.

Butane Gas Canisters 

Metal Bowls 

Metal Cutlery Source cheaply secondhand.

Display Dishes Having nice plates to display food make us look more professional.



The best location is in a pedestrianised area away from roads that is easily accessible for wheelchair users. 

It should be busy, but not packed. It is better to reach less people, but have longer conversations with them.

Attach the sign between poles, trees, street lamps, benches, bins or your table so it is visible. 



Prepare food with good hygiene. Don't bring rice as it is a high risk food.


Label any food with common allergens. 

Bring a few big pots of hot food for the hob.

Have a lot of finger food that is sweet and savoury.

Using smaller portions helps the food go a long way!

Add recipes to your folder.


Estimate the number of people you feed in the day.

Working with Businesses

In order to stay sustainable, you can try and get food donations from both local and national businesses. 


You should send them a polite email explaining that in exchange for them providing free food you can place leaflets next to their products.


If they are a specifically vegan company they will usually be happy to help!





















On The Day

Set up


Begin setting up 20-30 minutes before the event is meant to start. 

Do not clutter the table, keep it simple and tidy. 




Put your banner up where people will be able to see it. Above the table between trees, on a gazebo or attached to the table leg and a bench.

Only give resource cards to those interested.


Brief volunteers on how event will run, what behaviour is expected, and assign roles. Everyone should be told to remember how many productive conversations they had with people. Late arrivals should also be briefed when they arrive.

Use donations money to pay for ongoing costs like gas and cards. Any remaining money can be used to pay back volunteers for food they have brought, or can be used to buy new things for your events.

Food servers should ideally be wearing aprons. 


Food server In charge of keeping the food hot, dishing out portions, topping up the food and keeping the table tidy. If there is enough people allow outreachers to make conversation and food servers to focus on their role. 


Outreacher Approach the public offering free food. Talk to people about veganism. Finish with a resource card pointing to a few links that they would be interested in.


Photographer Take phtos of the food, reactions, volunteers, the public and the stall. Send to the FVC page so we can share them!




If someone is acting in an inappropriate way it is the organisers responsibility to deal with them. If necessary you can block individuals from the Facebook group.


Be compassionate, understanding, and allow people to talk.Balance listening and speaking, do not lecture people.

You can start the conversation by asking if they have ever tried vegan food before, or what are their thoughts on veganism.


Find out the person’s values and connect these to the values of veganism. If they care about the environment speak to that, the same with health or animals.

Try to stand side on with the person, facing the food, as this makes it less confrontational.

Speak from your own experience and story with going vegan.

Earthling Ed's guide is also very useful:

At the end of productive conversations with engaged individuals hand them a resource card and direct them to some links that they would be interested in.


DO NOT show graphic footage at this event. It changes the atmosphere, these events are about community building and sharing food in a relaxed, positive way


Finishing Up

At the end of the event make sure to clean up all the equipment, tidy the area and leave no litter behind.

Once you have done this you can debrief your volunteers. Ask everyone how many meaningful conversations they had and make sure those that leave early  tell you too.


Praise the good work of the group and address any issues you had.

After the Event

Congratulations on holding your own Free Vegan Cookout! We hope you had as much fun as we do, had lots of productive conversations, and met some new friends.

Send us any photos/ videos you have.


Tell us your conversations and food tally.

We are constantly learning at The Free Vegan Cookout! If you have any feedback or ideas, please let us know through the Facebook page or email us at:

Let’s make a vegan future, a reality.

     The Free Vegan Cookout Team

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